Press comments

“Jukka Rasilainen´s immense stage presense as Wanderer underlined with his distinctive, study and powerful bass-baritone, very differentiated during the first act, thumping with his adversary Alberich and with vulnerable moments in dialogue with Erda.”  DER NEUE MERKER

“Jukka Rasilainen as Wanderer convinced with a characteristic bass baritone and excellent textuality.” FRANKFURTER NEUE PRESSE

“Jukka Rasilainen as Wanderer convinced on the whole line through majesty and fateful gravity. His divine bass formed an ideal contrast to Siegfried´s Tenor, which was particularly effective in the duet of the third act....dramatically dramatized by both.”    BOSCAIOLO BLOGSPOT

“Jukka Rasilainen has now internalized the part of the Dutchman in such a way that he applies it personalized with the expression of the destroyed, soul-seeking soul. His striking fulminant bass baritone plays playfully the depths and heights of the role. His expression, his gesture at the meeting with Senta are so touching that you feel compassion for this figure.” OPERNNETZ

“The old "Haudegen" Jukka Rasilainen as Daland must be mentioned - an excellent mime and singer at the same time.” MOZ

“Jukka Rasilainen as Daland is a crafty sea bear with large vocal volume.” RUHRNACHRICHTEN

“This summer Jukka Rasilainen performs the role of Telramund with great delicacy and sympathy, convincing us of his sexual bondage to Ortrud…” NMZ

“As Friedrich von Telramund, the Finnish baritone Jukka Rasilainen celebrates his return to Bayreuth. His powerful voice captivates from the first note.” MERKER ONLINE

“Fra cantanti su tutti Jukka Rasilainen, un Kurwenal completo tanto nella padronanza del registro, quanto in quella scenica."  TEATROCULTNEWS

“Jukka Rasilainen made an unusually strong Telramund, less abject than usual, and sang with great tonal Beauty."  SAN FRANCISCO MUSICAL VOICE

“He was superb yet again and appears to enjoy himself as much as we all do watching him."  SEENANDHEARD-INTERNATIONAL.COM                                             

“Jukka Rasilainen, a seasoned Bayreuth performer, perfectly inhabits the role of the Dutchman with great character and vocal colour.” MERKER ONLINE

“Jukka Rasilainen’s “Dutchman” was a demonic figure. The singer knew how to apply his enormous range and powerful voice to express the character’s passions. Pure brilliance!” OÖ NACHRICHTEN

“In the theatre he knows how to enthral the audience with clear diction and without bothersome vibrato; the voice is both commanding and absolutely solid.” DIE NEUEN SÄNGERSTIMMEN

“Jukka Rasilainen’s powerful and distinctive Kurwenal is current the most convincing portrayal of this role.” RZ

“Vocally the evening’s laurels go to Jukka Rasilainen’s Wotan. With his secure, limpid voice the baritone polishes off this great role without the slightest hint of tiredness.” BERNER WOCHE

“With a rich and colourful voice, Jukka Rasilainen proves himself a top class Wanderer.” NEUE ZÜRICHER ZEITUNG

“Jukka Rasilainen brought real weight to the Orest through his flowing voice and vivid characterization”. DAS OPERNGLAS

“Telramund was wonderfully sung by the Finnish baritone Jukka Rasilainen, who proved to be a superb interpreter of the part vocally and dramatically. His voice is rich but at the same time has a wonderfully incisive and cutting quality, and has a huge amount of power, as he demonstrated when accusing Lohengrin in the later stages of Act Two with the entire orchestra playing at full stretch behind him.” THE CLASSICAL SOURCE

“Jukka Rasilainen sung with a power and dignity that redeemed the role. His clear baritone and fine enunciation brought fire to the angry exchange with Ortrud at the start of Act II.” THE INDEPENDENT

“Quite different to the usual blustering fool, Jukka Rasilainen’s convincing portrayal of a down-to-earth yet powerful Kurwenal was multilayered and beautifully sung.” OPERNGLAS

“One cornerstone in this Dresden “Ring” has been Jukka Rasilainen as Wotan. In “Das Rheingold” he sang and acted the role with great ease and beauty; in “Walküre” he was an expressive and textually secure father of the gods, while he performed the role of the Wanderer with magnificent vocal line and brilliant characterization.” DER NEUE MERKER